9 Sassy Ways to Boost Your Motivation, Re-Focus, and Psych Yourself Up for Success

Krista Mollion
6 min readApr 21, 2021

Use These Tools On The Days When Self-Doubt Sets In and You Feel Blah and Like Giving Up

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When you start a new job/project/business/weight loss/money program, you have a “high”, an excess of optimism. Maybe you’ve psyched yourself up by the new opportunity, watching motivational videos or the reminder of manifesting wealth à la Think and Grow Rich philosophy. You are pumped and ready to become a millionaire/lose 100 pounds/get a huge raise/etc.

Then nothing happens.

You don’t give up. Of course, you knew it would be hard, but hard work does not scare you. In fact, you feel that you were born to hustle. You crave success. Nothing will stop you. You know you have what it takes.

But nothing happens.

You start getting serious about solving the dilemma. You start binge-watching guru videos on YouTube, searching for the golden ticket. Buy their program to discover the easy path to 6-figures/lose all your weight in 10 days/etc. At 3 am, everything looks good.

You keep going. Maybe you invest in a course, a diet program, a resume makeover, or even a consulting session with a pro, or anything you can purchase that psychologically makes you feel like you “bought” a solution. Your optimism strengthens: You are smart and disciplined. You are confident you will succeed. You watch every video and consume every lesson. You listen to what they say and follow or try to follow because it isn’t that easy. You study diligently the method and try to apply it to yourself.

But still nothing happens.

Now you are desperate. Maybe your new boss is losing faith or your savings are running out. Not enough money is coming in or you feel your new job may not last. Red alert. Your plan at work is falling flat. What in the heck is going on? You should be able to do this. Why isn’t it working? This is the moment of frustration. You start thinking “Maybe it just won’t work, and I should do something else.” or even getting down on yourself.

No, no, no, and no. STOP! Don’t quit! Do this instead:

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