5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Hiring a Business/Career Coach

Reading This May Save You Frustration and Increase Your Satisfaction Out of Coaching

Krista Mollion
3 min readOct 10, 2021


First off, congratulations on considering hiring a business or career coach! Coaching is an amazing investment and means you are serious about your success. If you haven't already, I invite you check out the little page I put together all about coaching services, including a Q+A section about the questions to ask a coach.

1/ Coaching is a Partnership, Not an Employee/Boss Relationship

Unlike an employee, a coach does not work under orders, demands, nor deadlines. Coaching is not a done-for-you service. Instead, the role of a coach is to help the coachee get unstuck, see problems and solutions more clearly, move forward, all while providing accountability and emotional support.

2/ Coaching is a Financial and Emotional Investment in Yourself, Not the Coach

People who see coaching as an expense are mistaken about what coaching really brings. Coaching is something you offer yourself because you want to move towards your goals. Having a coach helps with that. Period. So just like any investment, you must use the coaching sessions and advice if you want to get the ROI. If you aren’t, then maybe you must be honest with yourself that you aren’t ready to change. In regards to business coaching, you may also discover you aren’t cut out for entrepreneurship.

3/ The Results of Coaching Come After the Coaching

While you work with a coach, you don’t see yourself changing. It is only after the coaching experience that you can honestly compare your Before and After to evaluate all that you learned and how far you came. Progress comes when you least expect it. A good coach will change your way of thinking how to approach problems so that you develop an abundance mindset. This is a permanent change!

4/ Treat Your Coach As You Want Clients to Treat You

This can be a hard one when we are used to thinking “I’m the customer, so I am always…



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