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Founder of @thesassymethod ❤️ where I coach new entrepreneurs and help them build an online business

These are the signs I look for after coaching hundreds of people and going through massive change myself

A Monarch butterfly inside it’s chrysalis, seconds before emerging. Image credit: barbaraaaa

Knowing whether a person is really ready to change is a useful skill that you can learn.

I’ve been a coach for two years now and have worked with hundreds of clients, but unofficially, I’ve also always been “that friend” whom people naturally came to with their problems. People come to me because they are unhappy or feel stuck. They want a new job, want to get promoted in their current job, or make more money in their business. Those are superficial reasons. After speaking with someone for thirty minutes or less, I figure out the real problems.

Every person…

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To tell you the truth

You have never known the real me

You always thought you did

But I am really as wide as an ocean

And you only saw one end

I let you go on believing it because you liked it

Why show you more if you already found

What you were looking for and risk losing your love?

I liked the part of me you liked

But I liked, even more, the fact that you liked me

Starved for attention, flattered to be cherished by you

This was me when we courted

I wanted above all


The struggle is real.

Image: Author

Since late March I have been to my family’s mountain home in the French Alps. I came here to spend the lockdown with my dad. Unfortunately, my dad got Covid-19 and died. Now it is just me and my toddler. My three older kids stayed in San Francisco with my ex-husband. I miss them terribly. I don’t know how much longer I will need to stay here. There are many things to deal with for my dad’s estate and back-and-forth travel from the USA isn’t a good idea right now. Six months prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I had given…

For workaholics who don’t believe in work-life balance

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People who achieve success definitely don’t practice work-life balance. Talent, luck, timing, and connections can contribute but one thing is certain: they work a lot. I don’t mean forty-hour workweeks. Try more like sixty or more hours.

Let’s look at the work habits of some of the greatest achievers in different areas: Elon Musk, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Kobe Bryant, Jeff Bezos, Lady Gaga, Vanessa Williams, and Meryl Streep. What do they all have in common? …

It’s not something you can afford to ignore anymore

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Do you roll your eyes at social media influencers and think they are mostly pathetic, attention-grabbing fake people? While clearly, some are cringe-worthy, times are changing. Building a personal brand is becoming mandatory in the modern world for EVERYONE. People without one will regret it.

Now I am suspicious of anyone under fifty who says they don’t have social profiles. What are they hiding? Are they anti-social, in general? What is wrong with them?

Let me set it straight for the record: I am a Gen Xer. My generation did not grow up with the Internet. It may feel like…

A fresh approach for companies to up-level their teams’ performance

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Disclaimer: I occasionally include product links in my articles, and these links may be marked with “AFFILIATE LINK” to disclose to you that I am an affiliate with certain companies, in accordance with Medium’s policies. I only endorse products I use and believe in, but it is at your sole discretion to chose to use my link or not. If you do, please note that I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for reading!

You may have heard the famous quote “Fail forward” by John C Maxwell. This is meant to reassure us that…

Which one are you in?

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What do you seek in a couple? After my own marriage dissolved, I started studying more closely the surrounding couples I knew to better understand what I wanted in a relationship in my future. Before my divorce, I would have classified couples as married, in a domestic partnership, in a long-term boy/girlfriend relationship, or more recently, polyamorous. Post-divorce, I discovered a whole different way of looking at love. Here are the different types of couples that can be defined as committed relationships and who may or may not say they love one another. …

My side-by-side comparison after publishing articles on both for two years

Image: Author

Disclaimer: This article is purely based on my own experiences. All opinions are my own. Try out both platforms to decide which one works better for you.

My Story

Since 2019 I have published 106 articles on LinkedIn and 170 articles on Medium. At first, I was not that consistent on either platform. I like to batch write articles, so some months, I’d publish five in one week and then nothing for the rest of the month. By early 2020, I developed a rhythm of publishing one article per week, for a minimum of four articles per month. Some months, I publish…

All the steps you need to take to launch an online business the right way

If tomorrow I lost everything and needed to start a new online business from the ground up, these are the exact steps I would take over a 4-week period.


Setting up your business

  1. Decide which high-demand skill you want to build a business around. We all have a few superpowers. Figure out yours and think which you could do all day, every day without getting tired. Your superpower is where your interest, your talent, and your passion align. A common mistake is to try to offer too many services. Less is more. Be the best within your zone of genius. …

And Why Most People Don’t Do It

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

No one ever taught me how to set goals. Instead, I heard what my goals were generic, superficial, and ego-driven: “Go to college and get a degree.” “Marry a nice guy with a steady job.” “Diet and exercise so you don’t get fat.” “Buy a nice house, since your house is everything.” These were just a few things put in my head by my well-meaning grandmother who raised me. In the first half of my adult life, I continued to look to others to set my goals for me. In my career and private life, I sought approval, admiration, and…

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