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Founder of @thesassymethod ❤️ where I coach people to be unapologetically themselves + @fromfollowertoleader to build thought leadership and make bank

These are the signs I look for after coaching hundreds of people and going through massive change myself

Monarch butterfly in its coccoon.
Monarch butterfly in its coccoon.
A Monarch butterfly inside it’s chrysalis, seconds before emerging. Image credit:

Knowing whether a person is really ready to change is a useful skill that you can learn.

I’ve been a coach for two years now and have worked with hundreds of clients, but unofficially, I’ve also always been “that friend” whom people naturally came to with their problems. People come to me because they are unhappy or feel stuck. They want a new job, want to get promoted in their current job, or make more money in their business. Those are superficial reasons. After speaking with someone for thirty minutes or less, I figure out the real problems.

Every person…

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To tell you the truth

You have never known the real me

You always thought you did

But I am really as wide as an ocean

And you only saw one end

I let you go on believing it because you liked it

Why show you more if you already found

What you were looking for and risk losing your love?

I liked the part of me you liked

But I liked, even more, the fact that you liked me

Starved for attention, flattered to be cherished by you

This was me when we courted

I wanted above all


The struggle is real.

Image: Author

Since late March I have been to my family’s mountain home in the French Alps. I came here to with my dad. Unfortunately, my dad and died. Now it is just me and my toddler. My three older kids stayed in San Francisco with my ex-husband. I miss them terribly. I don’t know how much longer I will need to stay here. There are many things to deal with for my dad’s estate and back-and-forth travel from the USA isn’t a good idea right now. Six months prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I had given…

For workaholics who don’t believe in work-life balance

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People who achieve success definitely don’t practice work-life balance. Talent, luck, timing, and connections can contribute but one thing is certain: they work a lot. I don’t mean forty-hour workweeks. Try more like sixty or more hours.

Let’s look at the work habits of some of the greatest achievers in different areas: Elon Musk, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Kobe Bryant, Jeff Bezos, Lady Gaga, Vanessa Williams, and Meryl Streep. What do they all have in common? …

It’s not something you can afford to ignore anymore

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Do you roll your eyes at social media influencers and think they are mostly pathetic, attention-grabbing fake people? While clearly, some are cringe-worthy, times are changing. Building a personal brand is becoming mandatory in the modern world for EVERYONE. People without one will regret it.

Now I am suspicious of anyone under fifty who says they don’t have social profiles. What are they hiding? Are they anti-social, in general? What is wrong with them?

Let me set it straight for the record: I am a Gen Xer. My generation did not grow up with the Internet. It may feel like…

Heal the Past and Build The Future By Finding and Following Your Inner North Star, Developing Your Sass, and Finally Getting Control Over Your Life

Today I am the sum of all my experiences and beliefs that shaped me as well as the decisions I made, both good and bad, that led me to the situation in which I now find myself. While some things are beyond my control, I choose to focus on what I can influence, namely my own attitude and actions.

I am far from perfect. In fact, I dare to say I am quite flawed. I have been to hell and back and made enemies along the way. I have done things I can never take back, things I am not…

How to Define It, Build It, and Benefit from It

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One of the best things you can ever do for your career is to build thought leadership. It can bring you better job opportunities, increase your visibility to a wider audience, attract opportunities you never dreamt of, and position you as an expert in your field. Thought leadership is different from personal branding. Personal branding means that you build a public image around what you want to be known for. Thought leadership is what you do with your brand that proves it. …

After A lot of Inner Work, I’m Working On Shifting My Limiting Beliefs Around It

I grew up thinking adult exercise meant housewives watching Jane Fonda video cassettes and a few ex-military guys lifting weights in their garage. Exercise as a pastime was non-existent in my childhood beyond fashion models and professional sportswomen. I never once met any women in my childhood who exercised. The women role models in my life worked. They got educated, held down full-time jobs, and built careers because they had to in order to afford to buy homes and raise children with housewives becoming the scarcity. Between the work shift and the home/childcare shift, the women I knew were twice…

And How to Overcome It

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I fired a client recently. I shouldn’t have taken her on in the first place. Looking back, the warning signs were there. I ignored them because I want to help entrepreneurs so much. Plus, I see the good in all people first and push aside the bad. This client suffers from shiny object syndrome. She just couldn’t commit to following a program. I ended things on a good note and explained to her the work she needs to do in order to overcome her issue. But I thought to write this article to help others too.

I know the shiny…

Your Sweet Presence Lingers In the Wood

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I say your name in the empty room

The house is cold as the fire has almost gone out

The short shadows dance along the wall

I almost think you are there

You’ve come back

Although I know it is impossible

I take a walk through the wood

The sticks crunch under my feet

The wind blows

Sounds are all around in the silence

If you take the time to hear them

I repeat your name here

Like a prayer to the trees

I look straight up at the milky sky

The wind carries my voice up, up, up


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