An Ode To A Simpler, More Enjoyable Life

Krista Mollion
4 min readJan 26, 2024

An appeal in the age of deprivation and suffer culture trends

Pizza with a view in the French Alps

The facts are clear. We are currently in an era where deprivation and suffering culture is trending. So-called top influencers’ most popular posts are advocating extreme behaviors, such as:

  • Take cold ice baths
  • Fast for 16+ hours daily
  • Extreme elimination diets
  • Wake up at 2, 3, or 4 am daily
  • Get plastic surgery and other expensive and sometimes dangerous procedures to look “perfect”
  • Take a bucket fill of supplements daily
  • Skip weekends to work 80+ hours weekly
  • Go to the gym daily in a cult-like setting
  • Read a book a day
  • And much more

This is not only wrong but also harmful and could be dangerous.

Extreme behaviors aren’t easy to maintain in the long haul. We humans are simply not designed for that much stress. In fact, this can lead to depression, isolation, distancing from friends and family, extreme body fluctuations, and in some cases, self-harm.

I have massive respect for others’ accomplishments. I don’t mean to dictate how anyone chooses to live their life. I do admire some of the…



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