Dear Women, Where Is Our Place In the Future?

Krista Mollion
9 min readJul 1, 2022
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Warning: This essay is 100% my personal viewpoint. It will be triggering to some, especially those who have never met me, and know how much empathy and compassion I have in my heart. A couple of years ago, as a recovering people-pleaser, I made a promise to myself to start practising radical honesty and say what is on my mind and what I’m truly feeling. The cost of radical honesty and self-expression is high: people will hate on you, accuse you of all kinds of things, and crucify you. That is why so few people (male or female) dare to do it publicly. But I am one of the few who dares, and I’m also fully ready to accept the consequences that come with sharing your honest opinions and feelings. No one is forcing upon you any ideas. The beauty of opinions is just that: they are only opinions. Thank you for reading with this in mind.

In a couple of hours, I’m hosting an audio event. I put out a call to my professional ladies over on LinkedIn to join in. The name alone is its’ own calling card: “Girl Talk” combined with a pink visual. Exactly the type of thing the normal Krista would hate.

Women Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies

  • Comparisons on every level (looks, money, job, parenting, house, etc)
  • Jealousy just for the sake of finding something to be jealous of (seek and you will find)
  • Drama (gossiping, backstabbing, stealing one’s man, and much more)
  • Two-faced friendships (gooey sweet to your face (“BFF”) then talks crap about you behind your back or steals your boyfriend)
  • Obsession with appearance (girl, you’ve already washed your face three times today…when is it enough?)
  • People Pleasing (saying sorry and acting like a pre-teen girl well into your 30s, 40s, or 50s?)
  • Feeling guilt and apologizing all the time (stop saying you are sorry!)
  • Perfectionism (this terrible disease that will ruin all your dreams)
  • Flaking (on themselves, on each other, and definitely on their dreams)
  • Being overly sensitive and emotional (crying or getting super angry over something very small that doesn’t justify their reaction)
  • Reading into everything…
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