Five Signs You May Be The Victim Of Shiny Object Syndrome

Krista Mollion
6 min readMar 30, 2021

And How to Overcome It

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I fired a client recently. I shouldn’t have taken her on in the first place. Looking back, the warning signs were there. I ignored them because I want to help entrepreneurs so much. Plus, I see the good in all people first and push aside the bad. This client suffers from shiny object syndrome. She just couldn’t commit to following a program. I ended things on a good note and explained to her the work she needs to do in order to overcome her issue. But I thought to write this article to help others too.

I know the shiny object syndrome all too well, both in my personal and professional life. I am an idealist, a visionary, a truth seeker, and a recovering perfectionist, living for innovation and discovery. In my private life, I used to be one to follow fad diets and workouts, jumping on every new health trend that surfaced and on a quest of personal development, reading all the self-help books. In my career, I was constantly seeking out better methodologies and hacks to produce more, better, and faster. I would follow one guru one week and a different one the following week. My house was full of books, all on one subject but by different authors with various, often contradictory approaches. My kitchen was full of dietary supplements and powders, all following various health fads. I was a start-and-stop person instead of a get-to-the-finish-line type. I was always seeking out the next best thing, a victim of trends and reviews.

Here are five signs that you have the sickness too:

1/ Spending A Lot of Time Looking At What Others Are Doing

I used to do it too. Hours spent scrolling through social media, drooling over some influencers’ success. Nothing better than to make you feel small. Why does one torture themselves like this? It is a form of self-boycotting and avoidance to take action when you become obsessive about stalking popular influencers. It is almost as if you were living through their success while feeling green with envy, always doubting yourself. Pretty messed up, for sure. As a business owner, there is nothing worse for your morale than watching your competitors too closely.

2/ Investing In Products or…



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