Five Red Flags To Avoid Bad Coaches, Consultants, and Experts

A vetting system for true credibility

Krista Mollion
6 min readFeb 2, 2021


Matthew Ball

What are credentials worth anymore?

Look carefully at the people who are deemed to be thought leaders.

I see very young business coaches living with their parents yet coaching startups and executives. How do they have the credentials to do this without first accomplishing it on their own? It isn’t about age as much as years of real-time experience.

To get featured in major publications, experts often pay. This is called Public Relations. I have been solicited several times because of my activity on Linkedin. Next time you see people featured, you will know it isn’t mostly organic.

I had an unethical experience with a coach who was certified by a major accredited body. I thought this certification was a seal of approval in quality, but I’ve met a few coaches, certified or not, who are only in it for the money.

Many people with a high following in a short time on any social platform game the system. It is just a fact. When someone says they are proud to build a following in a few months, you may ask them point-blank if they used pods, bots, or paid a company to grow their account. It’s not always a sign of thought leadership, and it is good to know the difference.

I got ripped off in 2019 not once but THREE TIMES…but people who appeared very credible online. They all had the accolades to impress. I do believe it was entirely my fault, as I write about here. Luckily, these were minor experiences compared to the majority of great experiences. I sincerely believe in investing in one’s personal development so a few bad apples only made me wiser. But I am not alone. Many have similar experiences, so online credibility is clearly not a good metric to rely too heavily on.

Often, I’ve found the least credible, least experienced experts tend to be the most visible. They are running Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram ads from the very beginning of their business. They hire PR teams. They have a lot of followers and likes and will do everything to make sure you see them. Their mission is to convince you that they are a big deal.



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