Going from Insecure As Hell to Oozing with Self-Confidence

Experience a genuine 360-degree transformation

Krista Mollion


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Would you consider yourself an overly sensitive person? Do you read into things, like why someone didn’t invite you or return your call? Do you sometimes suspect that people are talking behind your back? Do you want so much to be liked but think that many people don’t like you? Do you have many friends but feel lonely? Do you ever feel socially anxious?

You may be an introvert, yes, but there is more: you lack self-confidence.

If you want to develop self-confidence and stop feeling like an imposter, keep reading.

Self-confidence isn’t to be confused with arrogance.

A self-confident person:

  • Doesn’t care what others think of them/ doesn’t need others’ approval
  • Knows who they are
  • Accepts themselves, flaws and all
  • Doesn’t associate long with people who put them down

Once upon a time, I used to be insecure and sensitive. Here’s how I fixed it and turned myself into a self-confident person:

Acknowledge whenever the saboteur's voice speaks.

I had been so used to the negative voice that I didn’t even realize it was the voice I was listening to all of the time. Now I identify my “evil twin” speaking when it occurs and I contradict it immediately. Self-awareness is the first step to stopping it.

Rephrase negative thoughts.

Whenever the saboteur’s voice speaks, I re-phrase it to be exactly the opposite in what I call my hero’s voice.


Saboteur’s Voice: “They aren’t inviting me over because they don’t want to be friends.”

Hero’s Voice: “They haven’t called in a while so why don’t I check back in? They have likely been busy.”

Admit that the Earth doesn’t revolve around you.

I used to believe that people had negative feelings about me. Today I believe that people are self-absorbed and waste no time thinking about me.



Krista Mollion

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