How Losing My Car Was The Best Thing That Happened to Me

Krista Mollion
3 min readSep 10, 2020

Blessings In Disguise Are All Around Us If We Choose To Embrace The Life Lessons

Image: Krista Mollion

When my dad died of Covid-19, I knew I needed to stay in France for a while. At first, there was the lockdown so we didn’t really go anywhere. Then it was lifted and all of a sudden, we needed to go do so many things like doctors’ appointments, shopping, lawyer meetings, etc. But one little detail: I don’t have a car here. We are in a mountain community where it seems everyone has a car. Ok, I thought, I’ll just buy a cheap car and sell it or store it when I leave. But when I did my research, I was blown away by how expensive used cars are here in France, even crappy ones. And, in a mountainous area, we need 4x4 and good snow tires. My house is off-road so normal cars can’t get here in the Winter. I probably won’t still be here in the Winter but still: to buy a car only makes sense if I can use it or resell it. Because Winter is basically 8 months of the year lol:)) And even in Summer, many roads are all-terrain so 4x4 is a must to really live here.

So I am now saving money to buy a car that will cost more than I expected, exactly when I haven't been working much in 2020. In the meantime, I AM WALKING EVERYWHERE! I typically walk between 5 and 10 miles per day. I also plan to buy a mountain bike.

At first, I was super depressed about my situation. I said to myself, why don’t I have the money to buy a nice car? When I started walking, I felt like all the passing car drivers were looking at me like “what a loser.” It was physically painful too. My feet got blisters and were bleeding. In Summer, I was soaked after the first mile. My daughter was moody and would make me carry her. I literally cried a few times while walking.

Then something changed. I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I started looking forward to my walks. I enjoyed the scenery. I got a used stroller for my daughter to make it easier. I got better shoes. I wore fewer, more breathable clothes to stay cool. And I brought my isothermal water bottle to stay hydrated. Along the way, I admired the beauty of the nature. I sang songs with my daughter and listened to music on my headphones too. I started liking it! And even more, my body did too. I’ve lost weight. My clothes are all loose and I recently bought a full size smaller. I’m tan. I feel healthy. I feel strong too. My calves are like rocks and my butt looks more toned too.

Now I think even when I finally can afford a car, I’ll walk or bike whenever the weather permits (even in the snow).

The moral of this story is how a shift in attitude can make all the difference. My situation didn’t change but I DID.

Think about how this might apply to your life too. Sometimes our hardships are really blessings in disguise.

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