How to Hustle Like a CEO Minus the Burnout

For workaholics who don’t believe in work-life balance

Krista Mollion


Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

People who achieve success definitely don’t practice work-life balance. Talent, luck, timing, and connections can contribute but one thing is certain: they work a lot. I don’t mean forty-hour workweeks. Try more like sixty or more hours.

Let’s look at the work habits of some of the greatest achievers in different areas: Elon Musk, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Kobe Bryant, Jeff Bezos, Lady Gaga, Vanessa Williams, and Meryl Streep. What do they all have in common? They work a very high number of hours and they have sacrificed much of their private lives to get to where they are.

In an interview, Bill Gates said that company founders should not take vacations in the early years of the business.

Mark Zuckerburg famously wears the same clothes as a uniform to save his energy to focus on his company.

Jeff Bezos openly talks about his work ethics to build Amazon that includes long work hours.

According to research released by The Huffington Post, people spend 13 years of their life working. In fact, it takes second place after sleeping. We work more than we eat, exercise, love, or relax. Work is life. Or is it? And should it be? Is working a lot an illness we should try to recover from? Or is it perfectly ok to work more than anything else?

I decided to survey my network on Linkedin:

Is it ok to be obsessed with your work and to work long hours?

People hate surveys. I expected to get only a few replies. To my surprise, I received over 800 answers and 17,000 views in only 14 hours! It turns out that many people want to know about this topic.

The majority (56%) voted NO. It is not ok to overwork and people should aim for work/life balance. This doesn’t surprise me because it is the way I suspected most people feel. After all, we usually work primarily for a paycheck and want to enjoy our time off.

A minority (34%) voted YES. It is ok to work long hours. I was surprised that this percentage was that higher. Maybe because many of my friends are business owners or self-employed. They notoriously work longer…



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