How To Know If Someone Really Loves You or Just Your Money

Krista Mollion
5 min readJan 4, 2021
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Sadly, there are people out there who look for someone to live off of. They wait, they conspire, and they attack when the prey is vulnerable. Yes, I’m talking about a gold digger. It’s a tragedy to be duped when there are clear signs if you look for them. Of course, kids, elders, disabled adults, and the ultra-wealthy are excluded from this list as they don’t have any obligation nor capacity to be financially independent. For the rest, here are some clear signs to look for:

  1. They work and contribute financially to buy their own things. You aren’t paying for their clothes, hair appointments, or car, for example. They have, of course, their own bank account to pay for these things.
  2. They never overspend your money (Examples: order the most expensive dish in a restaurant when you are paying or complain about the accommodations you could afford). On the contrary, they worry about the cost of everything and are humble and modest when they themselves aren’t paying.
  3. They take preventative measures to protect themselves from eventual hardships, like maintaining their own life and funeral insurance and all relevant health and accident insurances. You don’t have to worry about them financially in case of a catastrophy.
  4. If they don’t work and expect you to carry the financial burden, it is ONLY for a clear reason with a clear deadline, and they actively do everything possible to work towards getting back on track (you see their daily efforts; actions over words). They also will extend the same courtesy to you if and when you want some time off.
  5. Not only do they pay bills with you, if you live together, but they actively try to reduce costs whenever possible, such as tax deductions, negotiating lower fees with providers, shopping around for best policies and deals, and cutting out services that you don’t really need nor use.
  6. They build wealth, not debt. They are savers and investors, either/and financially-saavy or working with a banker who is, with their own money, not yours.
  7. They contribute equally towards household labor, doing things, so you don’t have to or to avoid paying others to do it. (Examples: cleaning, landscaping, and small household maintenance things).
Krista Mollion

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