How To Survive A Business Identity Crisis

And come out stronger on the other side

Krista Mollion


Image: Author on Midjourney

It starts with a dream.

Then hope leads to excitement and finally to joy.

But wait, no happy end yet.

Because it turns out dreams don’t all come true all on their own.

Disappointment, then frustration, then anger or sadness, followed by another wave of optimism before a devastating blow, a wake-up call, and finally, definitive action.

Can you guess what I am describing?

Maybe it sounds like a teenage romance story or a Hollywood story but actually, I am writing about the early start of every business. Even for senior professionals with 20%+ years of work experience or people who have owned a brick-and-mortar business, the online business world is the Wild West. You are always starting from scratch and need to re-learn almost everything. Let's examine the five phases of business growth for a first-time online business owner:

Phase 1: Euphoria Honeymoon Phase

Otherwise known as uninformed ignorance. This is the giddy happy phase where a person is naive and hopeful, thinking they have it in them to succeed in business. They were usually inspired by someone they saw online or maybe a live…



Krista Mollion

Ex-Agency Owner For Top Iconic Brands Turned Fractional CMO + Educator for Small Business Owners and Creators To Go From Semi-Invisible To Un-Ignorable