CONFERENCE: What I learned at Vidsummit2019 (Day 2)

Krista Mollion
4 min readOct 24, 2019

Conference for Serious Video Creators

Here is my recap of my second day of #vidsummit2019, which took place in Los Angeles from Oct 15–17th. Thanks for your patience to post this!

My conference day 2 started late (at 10am) because I was up until 1am with great newtworking! Too bad I missed the first sessions since there were some amazing speakers like JACKIE NERDECRAFTER and CHALENE JOHNSON.

My 10am session did not disappoint. PRESTON ARCHEMENT (aka @prestonplayz) and REED DUSHCHER (Night Media) blew my mind. Ironically I’d never heard of either of them prior to Vidsummit but this is not surprising, given that they service a much younger audience. So happy I decided to check out their talk! For all the sceptics out there saying that YouTube is a waste of time and making money there is in the past, they need to meet Preston and Reed. These two guys demonstrated that not only is it a legit business but it can lead to creating real businesses outside of YouTube and using your channel as a funnel. They delivered so much good stuff that I could write a whole article about their 60-minute talk. If you are wondering about trademarking, merchandise, and influencer deals, those two know it all. A few wisdom bombs:

To get brand partnerships, do your research: -Search up #ad – Sort by Most popular videos Then you’ll see which brands are spending and know who you should target first. You need to pitch the brands with your creative, not wait. Go out and show them how they’d fit into what you are doing.

Make sure you own your intellectual property. License your IP and content distribution. You can license it to others.

Next we listened to SHAY CARL, who had the first every family vlog (currently with over 5 million subscribers!). He dropped a lot of great advice too.

“80% if our lives are spent at work and I don’t want to hate my job because I want to enjoy my life. Trading your time for money is a form of slavery. Instead, invest as much time as you can towards your future.”

“I am creating things and that is who I am.”

Just get 1k people to support you and invest $100 per year on you. That’s 100k per year.”

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