If You Want People To Care About You, Show Them You Care About Them

Krista Mollion
4 min readJun 29, 2022

It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in: if you deal with people, there is one rule that applies: build genuine relationships.

Easier said than done! Today we are fighting for attention in a sea of endless scroll and interruptions with chats, SMS, email, social media, video, and ads. No wonder, few take the time to try to get to know each other. I’m on a mission to change that. Here ten tips to get you started with your networking efforts.

1/ Introduce Yourself

Since when did it become fashionable to skip introductions? I was raised to greet people with a ‘Hello’ and a handshake. It is a sign of basic politeness. Today it is sadly becoming antiquated. Many people barely acknowledge one another, keeping their eyes on the ground or simply ignoring the person in front of them. I’ve even received surprise when I say my name since the other person isn’t used to proper introductions. Only rarely do they return the favor.

2/ Do Your Research

Take the time to check a person’s profile, consume their content, and read about them. Even knowing some basic information about them can make it easier to start conversations. Then you will never ask an unacceptable question like “Where are you from?” People appreciate hearing that you’ve consumed their content or looked up some information about them.

3/ Show Genuine Interest

The most valuable thing you can ever give another person is your attention. Be curious and ask questions to learn more about them. Learn how to ask great questions. Few do so you will immediately stand out.

4/ Become a Great Listener

Listening is a fine skill. Get your connection talking and put them at ease. Work on becoming a good listener. This means giving them your full attention: steady eye contact, relaxed posture, and pleasant face. This will make a person enjoy speaking with you.

5/ Look For Communalities

Between your research and asking questions, you should be able to uncover things you both have in-common. Speaking about your communalities will deepen the…

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