Start a Business in 30 Days: The Master Checklist

All the steps you need to take to launch an online business the right way

Krista Mollion
6 min readJul 7, 2021

If tomorrow I lost everything and needed to start a new online business from the ground up, these are the exact steps I would take over a 4-week period.


Setting up your business

  1. Decide which high-demand skill you want to build a business around. We all have a few superpowers. Figure out yours and think which you could do all day, every day without getting tired. Your superpower is where your interest, your talent, and your passion align. A common mistake is to try to offer too many services. Less is more. Be the best within your zone of genius. You can be good at many things but only great at one or two things.
  2. Figure out your niche. This is a step many get wrong by going too broad. A red flag is when I ask “Who do you serve?” or “Who do you write for?” and the answer is vague like “Coaches” or even worse “Professionals.” This is the best way to fail your business. Niche down! Take the time to define your ideal customer avatar and then reach out to those types for networking to better get to know them.
  3. Take Care of Business Formalities:
  • Set up your business…



Krista Mollion

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