Ten Million-Dollar Truths About Customers That Will Help You Sell More

Krista Mollion
4 min readSep 17
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Speak The Customer’s Language to Blow Up Your Conversions

Of course, we love our customers and want them to be happy! But before they become customers, they are buyers. Always write for the buyer who doesn’t know, like, and trust you. Today, we will focus on learning to speak the buyer’s language, so you can sell more.

Understanding how to translate your product or service jargon into the customer’s level of understanding is crucial to closing more deals and winning repeat business.

If you are putting out content and sales offers yet aren’t getting the results you expect, the problem could be your language. The prospect listens politely with a blank stare, or even scrolls quickly away. You have lost them. This is especially true if you see you had a high open rate, impressions, or web visitors, yet very few took action.

If you want to grow your sales, learn to speak customer-ese.

A bit of fluency goes a long way to closing more deals.

Where should you use this?

On your landing pages, in your content, on your sales calls, in your social profiles, basically everywhere.

Follow these ten wisdoms, and you can’t go wrong:

1. Avoid the curse of knowledge

Information is not why people buy from you. They buy because you convinced them you can solve it for them. But if you overload buyers with too much or too advanced information, they will run. Save that for after they buy, if at all. A couple of ways to do this: Use storytelling to make it relatable. Use humor to entertain when applicable. Real customer stories work very well too.

2. Simple language wins

Save the geek speak for another day. You may think using big words will make you sound more credible but the customer doesn’t like it at all. Unless you are an academic speaking to other academics, in most situations, you want to use language a child can understand. Stick with common words that are easy to comprehend when you say them aloud and avoid abbreviations, acronyms, and slang. Keep your explanations short…

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