The Anti-Black Friday Movement

The One Marketer Who Is Skipping It This Year On Purpose

Krista Mollion


Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

Black Friday and the holiday season are significant sales periods in my industry as a marketer. It feels like everyone is working on a Black Friday deal. Except me this year. Let me tell you why.

Services Vs. Products

A product is something you purchase and leave. You may never see the person again. A service is something you will trade your time for money on. You will need to spend your valuable time with the buyer. So the circumstances are very different between product and service. I work mostly in the services’ industry where I want to vet the buyer for fit and that is impossible to do when discounts are involved.

People Are Sick Of It

For approximately 15 days, everyone’s email Inboxes get flooded. Talk about the opposite of being productive and helpful. If there were only a few emails, it’s be fine. But a whole slew of random offers is simply too much. This was one of the reasons I decided to skip it — to leave my audience alone.

It Attracts Transactional Vs. Quality People

I don’t want joy-seeking customers; I want long-term clients. Transactional customers are like one-night stands who sneak out at the crack of dawn and then delete your number. Quality clients are the keepers who value and appreciate you and will continue a long-standing healthy relationship with your brand.

Discounts Should Never Be The Reason

If you have to lower your prices for others to buy, you are talking to the wrong buyer. The right buyer comes to you because they see your value. If you are selling services or high-quality products, this is always the case.

It Encourages Consumerism Instead of Investment

I regularly tell my clients to invest in themselves. True investments cost a lot of money. They require research, preparation, and a careful decision. Black Friday sales, on the other hand, are all about time-sensitive bribery to hurry and purchase before the sale ends so it is all about quantity over quality.



Krista Mollion

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