Your Name Carved in Wood

Your Sweet Presence Lingers In the Wood

Photo by Steven Kamenar on Unsplash

I say your name in the empty room

The house is cold as the fire has almost gone out

The short shadows dance along the wall

I almost think you are there

You’ve come back

Although I know it is impossible

I take a walk through the wood

The sticks crunch under my feet

The wind blows

Sounds are all around in the silence

If you take the time to hear them

I repeat your name here

Like a prayer to the trees

I look straight up at the milky sky

The wind carries my voice up, up, up

I go back to places I haven’t been in a long time

The little cabin on the edge of the wood

Right before the meadow clearing

Full of flowers now

You once told me a story about this place

You said it was enchanted

Maybe you are there now

Invisible yet omnipresent

I’d like to think of you here

In this beautiful little place

Full of birds and deer

The sound of the river nearby

I carve your initials into a tree

Everything goes away but some things are forever

Founder of @thesassymethod ❤️ where I coach people to be unapologetically themselves + @fromfollowertoleader to build thought leadership and make bank

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