How To Get Your Money’s Worth Out of Coaching

Written By a Coach to Provide an Honest, Non-Hyped Perspective to Anyone Thinking of Hiring a Coach

Krista Mollion


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I believe that everyone can benefit from hiring a coach at some point or another, so this article is a must-read for all. Sooner or later in life, you may encounter either a struggle in a specific area or the desire for more. Then it is time to explore hiring a coach.

Why I Believe in Coaching over Courses

A coach can get you results faster, save you the headache of wasting time and money on books and courses that may not fully solve your problem or may leave you more confused (and poorer) than beforehand, and most importantly, can change your life, seriously.

The time to buy a course is clear to me: when you have a very niche need such as learn how to speak Spanish or Introduction to Street Photography AND you are… not in any rush, have very limited funds, and not depending on this skill as the main way to make money. A course is perfect for a hobby or to gain knowledge about something to enhance your work. It is also fine to buy a course and to hire a coach. Your coach may recommend good training for different areas you want to learn more about. Here is a guide on how to buy a great course.

But it isn’t as easy as ‘Go hire a coach’’. In fact, coaching is an unregulated industry, there are a million certification programs that make it hard to tell what is quality or not, and there is no officially accredited bureau to rate coaches. So it a challenge to vet coaches, know where to find them, what to expect, what to pay, and how to get the most out of working with one.

The following advice applies to whatever type of you are hiring:

1/ Know If You Need a Life Coach or a Therapist (or Both)

Life coaching and therapy are very different yet to the consumer, it may overlap and feel a bit like the same thing. My take on it is that coaching is to improve and experience a transformation in a specific area of your life for your future (business, career, relationships, or a specialty) whereas therapy is to help you deal with the past, heal trauma or grief…



Krista Mollion

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